Why you should gift succulent arrangements for special occasions


While your addict may have a lot of succulents, they may be missing some of the more rare and unusual varieties. Click here to get these planters! Succulent plants gifts for homes with pets or curious toddlers no more cleaning up spills!

Easy DIY succulent giveaway

It looks great for hanging from any door or entryway. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Taking cuttings is a fun way to grow more succulents. These gorgeous macrame hangers will liven up any space.

Succulent Gifts

Carry everything you need in this adorable cactus backpack! This photo-filled guide teaches you everything you need to know to keep your succulents healthy and beautiful! Click here to learn more about this amazing course! Plus, as it grows you can also take cuttings from the plants and pot them elsewhere. But, a succulent arrangement can last months without being taken care of! These planters are an unique way to show off your succulents! Click here to get these beauties! Make your plants easier to move around with the plant trolley!

Succulent plants gifts plant gift by Urban Succulents - is a great way to say thank you! Ship succulents anywhere in the US in a ready to go, beautiful succulent plants gifts box. Click here to buy this planter! A festive mix of rooted seasonal succulents, including echeverias, crassulas or sempervivum make this arrangement in a 7" x 7" wood box a keeper. Click here to get these super soft socks! Give you succulents some extra height with this simple but stunning gold and white planter Click here to buy this planter! Click here to purchase this awesome book! Click here to get this writing set! Click here to get your pair!

These beautifully crafted wine bottle planters include a drainage hole which makes them perfect for new growers! Click here to grab this cute cactus shirt!

Succulent Gifts

Get ready to do a little succulent stalking, and make sure you have the knowledge and skills you need to grow succulents. Click here to pick a planter! Click here to start coloring!

Succulent Snow Globe DIY (Full Version)

Click here to get the book! Click here to get these super soft socks! This guide has all kinds of gifts for succulent lovers!


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