Part 2: The Abuse of Church Discipline at The Village Church


Most of these guys were not on my radar 6 months ago, I thought politicians said dumb things, that was before I found out about celebrity pastors. Matt Chandler landed in a very prosperous area with lots of new growth. Give me a direct honest jerk village church flower mound scandal day of the week over these frauds masquerading as like Jesus.

Matt Chandler Humbly Apologizes To His Church

Karen Hinkley did the right thing by leaving Jordan Root and asking for an annulment. So he has been through a long process of training, communicates regularly with this sending church, other pastors, including his father in law…so he has several pastors he is close to that are varying degrees of older and experienced. I keep thinking about something Govpappy or Govdaddy cant remember name sorry said yesterday.

Matt Chandler, The Village Church offer apology to Karen Hinkley

Why should a pastor assume that he has more wisdom than another Christian? It took about 1. IT does not matter if the the pedophile did not do it to any of the kids under the TVC authority, the leaders of TVC, if they are truly followers of Christ, and are concerned with ALL believers and the Christian witness, will seek to protect children, and help to undue any damage this guy did!! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This, a thousand times. How can one keep a straight face and say this stuff. When all they can do is sputter about a signed extra-biblical document, they have surely lost this battle. I apologize in advance for another long post, but my heart is breaking for Karen and the other victims out there. Retrieved from " https: And regardless of the problems either way, thank God that the state and not the church is in charge of the legalities of marriage, or in this case non-marriage.

But bloggers helped him achieve this. And he loves seeing us talk about him. Once due to an issue of infidelity and the others were related to substance abuse, but coupled with an appeal for financial help for their treatment. Email to the Roots long time home group attempting to control conversation. They cannot change him in 3 months. They do not do what they demand everyone else do. So, same recipe for village church flower mound scandal. Notice he himself called attention to it.

Specifically, Section makes it illegal to persuade, induce, entice, or coerce a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct for purposes of producing visual depictions of that conduct. Fraud is cause for an annulment. Why did Jordan not receive any church discipline?

Matt Chandler (pastor)

This is standard in the DFW mega church show biz industry. Tell her to move back in with Jordan without a valid marriage license? Why did you think discipline was appropriate for Karen for filing for annulment without asking you first, and not Jordan who with your knowledge and likely with your counsel became a party to the annulment by signing it?

The village Church - Flower Mound Expansion Part 2

Yes, this is a pretty important aspect of Acts Books that I was recommended for other stuff, was by C. Chandler is an elder and the village church flower mound scandal pastor of teaching at The Village Church, which is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and consists of five campuses: Some churches had been around quite a long time, too, before letters were even written ie Corinthians and no mention of elders at all.


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