40 of the worlds weirdest flowers


The Moth Orchid is the most common type of orchid and bears the name because of its supposed resemblance to a moth in flight. That's probably what you think this flower weird flower names all about, right? Try it out if you want.

BIGGEST flower in the world: Rafflesia arnoldii

Reply janis petercsak February 23, at If and when you do, you'll see that though it has this absurdly funny name, the plant actually bears a striking resemblance to the tail of a mouse. Photo courtesy of abiom. Reply Yvonne April 13, at 3:

Flower With Strange And Funny Names

Reply Seth May 8, at Well, when this flower gets matured, its seeds turn from a green to a brown, pod like appearance. Really i agree wholeheartedly these beautiful flowers create such a miasma of serene beauty on this planet. The Hydnora africana also called Jackal Food by the locals, has no visible leaves, roots or chlorophyll. Is it an alien? Reply Noel Hall June 18, at 8: The description about ants that is given would probably better suit the genus Myrmecophila also a member of the orchid family. Primates have thumbs and tales. Sorry for the late response, I missed this reply. The leaf-like bracts are only in their kissable state for a few days before opening to reveal the little yellow and white flowers within.

Reply mahendra Weird flower names 16, weird flower names 8: Dancing Girls trail and climb, so they make lovely additions to hanging planters where you can enjoy their fabulous flowers at eye-level. II am trying to identfy a flower my neighbor has. Reply Mitesh December 16, blue carnations 6: This is the first time I frequented your web page and thus far? Photo courtesy of Mike Prince cc. Photo courtesy of Max Fulcher cc. An interesting fact about this weird wonder is that despite its resemblance to the lily it is actually a member of the yam family! So, what if the flower blooms only when the stalk bares itself completely? Dancing Girls will root wherever they touch the soil, and they make excellent indoor plants if you can find one.

Naked Man Orchids come in all sizes and usually, range in colour from light purplish white to deep purply-pink. Reply Ann August 6, at Most of these flowers are rare and will not grow naturally in Melbourne.

Once the pink flower has finished blooming, the silvery striped leaves will begin to die. This variety of cactus is indeed named after the mammary organs of human females. The best time for Protea Pinwheels to bloom is after a fire, when the adult plants, rodents, and other insects that would impede their growth have been destroyed.


Photo courtesy of Kew cc. Something under the seemingly normal exterior. This perennial plant is both a climber and scrambler and adds intrigue wherever it grows.


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