Wildflower Triathlon


You will have an amply-spaced, designated spot to rack your bike and set-up your transition. Views Read Wild flower tri View history. The swimmers will exit the water, go through the timing area, up the ramp and into the transition area. Wildflower's festival atmosphere sets it apart from other races throughout the world.

Wildflower Triathlon Long Course 56 Mile Bike Ride 2016

It is held the first weekend in May each year. It is very important to plan gearing out of transition ahead of time. This makes for a crazy exit area at times, so have your head on a swivel. Join Active or Sign In.

A Triathlete's Guide to Wildflower

Once you start climbing, don't stop. Swimmers will swim in a clockwise direction on the triangular course. Many friendships have been forged around a campfire or while waiting in line at one of the restrooms throughout the campground. Retrieved June 28, This bike has the real hard work near the end, which adds to the challenge. Strides are a great way to focus on leg speed and aim for 90 to 95 foot strikes per minute per foot. Turn left on the trail below the resort store lawn. Listen for your name being called by the great Tri-California race announcers and cross that finish line in style.

Wild flower tri first part of this swim is the most challenging. With some careful planning, preparing the right meals should not be a huge issue. Wild flower tri you conquer this course, there isn't much that can stand in your way. Learn More Customer Login. This is especially the case in the Olympic, where you are climbing the main hill out of transition within a minute of being on your bike. On the wild flower tri course, "Nasty Grade", a 5-mile long climb that raises you up over 1, ft will come around mile Another unique aspect of Wildflower is the need to plan accommodations well before race day and how to get to transition on time on race morning. The course proceeds onto San Antonio Drive and out of the park onto Interlake Road past the first check point at mile six. The winds can be strong up wild flower tri top of the ridge but know that you are almost home at this point.

According to Gilsenan, several pro races have been won and lost within the last mile of the run due to pacing down the hill. Follow the trails through Harris Creek campgrounds, and proceed past the launch ramp parking lot and onto Lake San Antonio Drive.

Activities near you will have this indicator. Known for a particularly hilly and grueling course, it is one of the largest triathlon events in the world, with 7, athletes and 30, spectators attending each year at its peak. This applies to both the long course and Olympic as both use the main gate for re-entry into the park.

Wildflower Triathlon Long Course 56 Mile Bike Ride 2016

For more information on Wild flower tri or other Tri-California Events races, visit www. Triathletes will depart the transition area to the southwest and climb the Lynch Ramp stairs. Finally, athletes head down Lynch Hill towards the finish chute and finish line.


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