Top Native Plants of Southern California


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California Friendly Gardening Solutions: Gardening with Native Plants with James Maxwell

Learn how easy it is to create a beautiful landscape with natives. Excellent habitat plant and screening plant. Fortunately for the rest of the gardening world, many California natives also do well in other Mediterranean and even not-so-Mediterranean climates.

List of California native plants

Beloved by birds and butterflies. Dudleya pulverulenta Growing Conditions: Avoid overhead irrigation to keep leaves dry and mildew at bay. Some California native plants are in rapid decline in their native habitat due to urban sprawl , agriculture, overgrazing, recreational impacts, pollution, and invasive non-native species invasive exotics colonization pressures animals and other kingdoms of life, as well as plants. Dry growing after established; part shade or full sun to part shade depending on the species. A native garden uses plants that occur naturally in the local environment. Join thousands of readers, from avid to casual gardeners, for plant information, gardening solutions, and design inspiration to make the most of your outdoor spaces. Salvia spathacea Growing Conditions:

This beautiful mounding perennial features tight, roundish leaves and peglike flower spikes topped in tufts of rose pink flower clusters from summer to fall. In late winter and early california native flower, California natives look their best, as these photographs attest. Excellent for screening and habitats. Needs occasional california native flower once established. California Native Plant Society. This large, evergreen shrub has deep green leathery leaves and red berries in winter. Very little irrigation after established. Excellent habitat plant and screening plant. Dry growing after established; part shade or full sun to part shade depending on the species. One of dozens of California sages, Salvia spathacea displays broad, textured green foliage—with a fruity scent—and erect stems carrying numerous clusters of bright flowers california native flower appeal to hummingbirds.

The largest is the California Floristic Province , a geographical area that covers most of California, portions of neighboring Oregon , Nevada , and Baja California , and is regarded as a "world hotspot" of biodiversity. Other benefits include saving water, less maintenance, eliminating pesticides, and welcoming wildlife. While most California native plants are considered low-maintenance, they do need appropriate seasonal attention and grooming to stay at their best.

Native California Plants for Your Garden

This is a large group of evergreen shrubs, from groundcover to tree height, and varying widths. Excellent choice to tuck in amongst rocks. Garden Tours Botanical Gardens. California bush sunflower displays profuse 2- to 4-inch blooms in spring and fall.

Pollinator on California Native Wildflower

Numerous plant california native flower exist in California, and botanists work to structure them into identifiable ecoregionsplant communitiesvegetation typesand habitatsand taxonomies. To prevent sprawling growth, cut back plant to 6- to inch stubs in winter-after the first flush of fall blooms. While not native, it california native flower may be a good choice for your garden. Soil amendments are not necessary since the plants are already well adapted to your area.


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