Magnolia Town


Erza finally arrives on Galuna Island and quickly defeats Angelica before capturing Lucy and Happy and returning them to the village, where Gray is recuperating. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Juvia continues to fight Gray when she is fairy tail magnolia by Gray's comment on the "depressing" rain she is causing until Gray finally freezes her.

FAIRY TAIL Manga 455 Defense of Magnolia (720p) English (Zacky-San)

Rockin' Playing Game " performed by Sug for the remainder of the season. She shows the painting to Mirajane, who tells Lucy the story behind it. The seventeen-year-old celestial wizard Lucy Heartfilia , who is determined to join the Fairy Tail wizards' guild, is nearly hypnotized by a flirtatious wizard named Salamander into becoming one of his admirers.

Gray is badly injured, but a partially frozen Natsu finds him and returns him to the village, where Natsu finally thaws out. Gray attacks Juvia, but her liquid body allows her to repel all of Gray's attacks. Retrieved from " http: Natsu is intrigued by an unfamiliar request on the job board and recites the foreign words written on it, causing him, Lucy, and Happy to switch bodies with Loke, Gray, and Erza, respectively. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Fortunately, the petrification spell lifts on Erza faster than normal thanks to her artificial right eye, and Mystogan enters the competition, giving Fairy Tail the chance they need to defeat Laxus. Anyways here's a sneek peak. August 7, [15]. They sat in their seats and cried. In a flashback, an eight-year-old Gray is found by Ur and Lyon as the sole survivor of one of Deliora's attacks.

Natsu and Erza lift the curse by aiming their attacks at the moon, destroying a magical membrane cast over the island by Fairy tail magnolia Drip, which turns out to fairy tail magnolia the direct cause of the curse. Although Lucy buys the two travelers a meal as thanks, they feel indebted and promise to properly repay her. Though they seemingly ruin the play and destroy the theater with their antics, it greatly entertains the audience and fairy tail magnolia a success. Magnolia Town is complete with technological mechanisms which allow most of its buildings to slide sideways and rise over platforms, leaving only a very large, straight road fairy tail magnolia leads from the city's entrance to Fairy Tail's h eadquarters. Erza ScarletFairy Tail's strongest female purple lilies meaning and disciplinarian, returns to the guild after an extended absence. To Lucy's dismay, Natsu declines the 2 million jewel reward upon realizing Kaby has no money to give them. Lucy reunites with her friends and they all return to Fairy Tail. Because if so that is not good. The framed image of the girl with short, ivory hair and a bright smile staring back at every single one of them. Everywhere looks so good!

October 9, [24]. Lucy flees into the sewers and discovers the book's hidden secrets before being caught by Everlue, while Natsu defeats Everlue's bodyguards, the Vanish Brothers.

Although Lucy buys the two travelers a meal as thanks, they feel indebted and promise to properly repay her. Natsu defeats Bora with his dragon slayer magic, revealing himself to be the real Salamander and unwittingly destroying the port in the process. Hushed voices swept across the crowd. She'll be in people's hearts, and her shrines would go on to be kept by the city.

Fairy Tail Season 3 Episode 14 Preview - "The Magnolia Defensive War"- Alvarez Arc

Im fine with him joining. The Celestial Spirit King reconsiders Loke's exile when Lucy summons her spirits simultaneously to support her, allowing Loke to return to the spirit world. Description Fairy tail magnolia Magnolia has a population of 60, inhabitants, and is a merchant city that has been prosperous in Magic since the ancient era.


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