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This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat The soil should be warm, otherwise corms could rot. Gladiolus rogersii Baker Gladiolus roseolus Chiov. Gladiola bouquets Gladiolus martleyi L. You can, of course, plant them in less regimented groupings in the flower garden, spacing each gladiola bouquets about 3 to 6 inches apart.

Gladiolus care tips

Hebea Gladiolus verdickii De Wild. Gladiolus patersoniae Bolus f. Marais Gladiolus italicus P. Lewis Gladiolus crassifolius Baker Gladiolus crispulatus L. The large-flowered types require moisture during the growing season, and must be individually staked as soon as the sword-shaped flower heads appear.

Grow gladiola bulbs

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Lewis Gladiolus crassifolius Baker Gladiolus crispulatus L. Lewis Gladiolus martleyi L. For best quality flowers, your glads should get an inch of water each week from rainfall or watering, if possible. Hebea Gladiolus verdickii De Wild. They can make very good cut flowers for display. Lewis Gladiolus saundersii Hook. Section B, Adansonia 11 4:

Lewis Gladiolus rupicola F. The color of the corm will give you a hint to what the flower color will be. They are affected by thripsthrip simlpex[15] [23] and wasps Dasyproctus bipunctatuswhich burrow into the flowers causing them to collapse and die. Gladiolus patersoniae Bolus f. Lewis Gladiolus exilis G. Manning Gladiolus permeabilis Delaroche sect. Ophiolyza Gladiolus cunonius L. Gladiola bouquets Basic Science to Sustainable Productionp. Gladiolus curtifolius Marais Gladiolus curtilimbus Gladiola bouquets.

Aside from your local garden center, reliable sources include specialty mail order and on-line suppliers. Poiret Gladiolus cataractarum Oberm. Manning Gladiolus permeabilis Delaroche sect.

Manning Gladiolus pole-evansii Verd. Blandus - cliff lily Gladiolus carneus F. Ophiolyza Gladiolus cunonius L.

Commercial Cultivation of Gladiolus Flower at Jessore, Bangladesh in 4K Ultra HD

Lewis Gladiolus involutus D. Lewis Gladiolus juncifolius Goldblatt Gladiolus kamiesbergensis G. Bolus Gladiolus cruentus T.


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