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This will open the Google Maps website in your current browser. Choose an app to share directions. This will bring up your browser's Print window. Change the time that you'll leave or arrive You can change your travel date or time to find the best route before you leave, based on estimated traffic and public transport schedules. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

Draw route between two locations in Android - Google Maps Directions API

At the top, tap Driving. Was this article helpful? Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. How do I skip steps when printing directions in Google Maps from browser - generally Firefox, sometimes Chrome? Click on a route to see the directions.

See which cities are covered. To edit your ending point, tap what's listed in the destination box. How can I print a large scale Google map and add legends? At the bottom, tap Saved offline route. Type the address from which you intend to depart into the text field at the top of the Directions window. Not all cities have public transit directions in Google Maps. See directions for scooters and motorcycles Note: You can also just type in a city and state, or a public institution's name e.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Choose one of the following: Enter a destination address. Customize your route Avoid tolls and highways On your computer, open Google Maps. Open your Word, Pages or other app how to print directions from google maps you want the map to be placed. Click Send directions to your phone. Your route will show you the same mode of transit you chose when you saved the route. Saved routes for all modes of transit are sneek netherlands available in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Russia. Select a print option.

See directions for scooters and motorcycles Note: To send directions to your phone or tablet, follow the steps below.

You can do this for both the iPad or iPhone and for Android. Internet Explorer - Click. Use the Print menu method explained in the article above or capture a screenshot onto your computer and print out the screenshot. You can click and drag the map to reposition it in the frame as well.

How to print a route shown on google maps?

This will open the Google Maps website in your current browser. Go to the Google Maps website. Other routes are in gray on the map.


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