Is Lavender Oil Safe For Cats?


We know oksana rose can produce skin irritation and allergic reactions in humans and rats. I rarely diffuse them, but was diffusing lavender oil on my nightstand for several nights in a row to help with a cold i had. When using essential oils around cats, be sure to keep a scent-free room in your living environment for them to retreat to. How to tell if a cat is happy is far more difficult.

Are Essential Oils Safe For My Cat?

From batch to batch it can differ hugely in composition. Though the following essential oils are commonly used for relaxation or other purposes by humans, you should steer clear of them if you have feline friends under your roof: Free Updates For Cat Lovers! It should not, however, be ingested by cats or directly applied to their skin. Or what about sitting on our bed that has had sheets dried with the balls that have lavender on them?

Are Essential Oils Safe for Pets?

Clove oil Cinnamon oil Thyme oil Oregano oil Wintergreen oil Sweet birch oil Lavender oil Citrus oil Peppermint oil Pennyroyal oil Eucalyptus oil Tea tree oil A pet owner should always consult their veterinarian before introducing a new food, treatment, or substance into their pet care routine. Since we only get one shot at giving pet best friends their best life, read more to discover the top signs of a happy cat and how to make your cat feel content. Solutions containing linalool are currently in use as commercial pesticides. This is what makes lavender oil toxic to cats. You can change your cookie preferences to enable comments. For cats, the following essential oils are poisonous:. Comments are disabled We respect your privacy. Could this m my cat?

Unfortunately my car got in my room while the diffusers was misting. Steer clear of lavender oil to keep your kitty happy and healthy. It may be tempting to use lavender oil is lavender essential oil safe for cats you might do a normal flea treatment. Check out this list of safe essential oils for cats, along with their best uses for your pet. These are not things any of us want to inflict on our furry friends. What about food grade lavender oil? The real problem is that commercial products are carefully controlled. Sign up now to stay in the loop! Some also choose to use essential oils directly onto their pets as they believe they provide a natural flea and tick repellent. So glad I read this information about lavender….

This is what makes lavender oil toxic to cats. There are a few available, however, that contain lavender oil.

Are Essential Oils Safe to Use Around My Pets?

I have my defuser going almost all the time with lavender essential oil in it. Is lavender oil safe for cats? Anecdotes are split on cats loving or hating the smell. While some claim that lavender oil has a calming effect on cats, others argue the opposite.

Essential Oils Harmful to Pets?!

If you use essential oils in your bedroom at night, leave the door open so that your pet is not trapped breathing in the essential oils and can go somewhere else if the scent becomes over-bearing for them. There are no scientific studies that support the use of essential oils as an effective use against fleas and ticks. Our pets is lavender essential oil safe for cats have a significantly higher sense of smell than we do—even a subtle aroma to us is far more noticeable to our pet. Opt out or contact us at any time.


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