Growing Peace Lilies


Most peace lilies serve as floor plants, however, growing about 3 feet tall and wide with big, bold leaves about 10 inches long. Try moving it to a shadier location. DW Deborah Wynne Jul 7, peace plant care Use a pot about 2 inches 5. Mist peace plant care leaves several times a week with a spray bottle.

PEACE LILY - How To Care Indoor House Plant Spathiphyllum - Best Indoor Houseplant

Finally, don't send your old married boyfriend or girlfriend a peace lily. You will also be subscribed to our Almanac Companion Newsletter. Next, water the plant with compost tea , a natural fungicide, to attempt to kill spores that remain in the soil. They don't need direct sun, preferring bright, indirect light from a nearby window. I just received it as a gift s week ago they started turning Brown right away even though I watered it carefully.

The Perfect Houseplant

Use insecticidal soap to remove pests like aphids or mites. To keep your peace lilies healthy, place them in a warm, indoor room that gets indirect sunlight. Not Helpful 34 Helpful Hopefully it will flower with sunshine on it. Root rot is serious condition that can affect any potted plant with roots below the surface and can easily kill the plant. Mist your plant more frequently in the summer growing season [1] - the more water you can supply the blooms, the healthier it will be. Have I watered to munch? If you find yourself frequently needing to prune even when caring for your lily properly, look for signs of a more serious problem see "Solving Peace Lily Maladies" below and seek to cure the root cause. The plant suddenly collapses when the soil is moist. Not everyone is as charitable as I.

Help answer questions Learn more. I will now be checking the soil on a weekly basis, as recommended, and buying peace plant care spray bottle to take better care of the leaves. My peace lilies bloomed about twice since I got them several years ago. Compared to certain other plants, peace lilies don't need to be pruned very frequently. This is my first plant and I didn't know they were harmful to people. Put it in the dark for 24 hours to get the starch out. When and only when the potted soil is dry, add enough peace plant care to make it damp, but not so much as to create standing peace plant care. When you've completely separated the crown from the main plant, plant it in its own small pot no bigger than about 6 inches in diameter as you would do with a normal peace lily.

Just the Facts Native mainly to tropical America, peace lily Spathiphyllum sp. How to Care for Peace Lilies.

Things You'll Need Peace lily plant. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. When you re-pot a peace lily, you'll obviously want to use a bigger pot than you were using previously so that your plant has additional room to spread its roots and grow.

Peace lily plant care

Transfer your plant to its new container. Pale green foliage has burned leaf tips. After 3 years, there's nothing I'm missing on looking after my beautiful plant.


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