'Persona 5' Flower Shop: Guide to getting the part-time job


Sweet Gee Rainbow-colored sage Gingko-run. Don't have an account? It does talk about a 60th birthday in the dialogue, but that's not the highlighted text.

Where and How to Increase Kindness in Persona 5

I had the list of flowers' English names in front of me, but I didn't have a full list of the questions so those are just general translations of the Japanese guide. Use link-flairs for each thread you create. Answer to the "How many colors Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Every time it came up, I was like "Oh, there's only a Japanese guide, I should really post the English translation

Part-Time Job List | Job List and Additional Information [Persona 5/P5]

Want to add to the discussion? According to GGEZ , you'll sometimes be asked to organize specific flower arrangements for customers. More topics from this board I too was using the guide but then I realized I was stupid for relying on it. Submit a new text post. Futaba Fan Club Funny tho because you got it right in Flowers for Friend's Childbirth. Get their orders right and you will get a higher pay for the evening.

The following is IGN's guide for all the part-time jobs in Persona 5. Rainbow-colored sage happiness lily gold gerbera. After submitting your post, click on 'flair' underneath your submitted link or text post and then select the 'Spoiler' flair. I went with big red, big yellow, big white. Related stories persona 5 flower guide this author. Get their orders right and you will get a higher pay for the evening. Be sure to hit the persona 5 flower guide button once you have chosen a flair. P5R could include Female MC version of the story and game spoilers. Submit a new text post. The customer would say large bright flowers!

Use link-flairs for each thread you create. Futaba Fan Club

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But unlike , the flower shop also gives you stat increases specifically in Kindness. I know it was a large flower and it was pink, in the description of the fllower "He's got the eye of the Jew" -Beerfest. Forgot your username or password?

Persona 5 Part Time Job: Flower Shop work Version 2

Most recent These black Americans are suing for Native American citizenship. I believe I picked the Gecko Orchid Then you just look for the large X color flower. Sign up for free!


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