May 8, I ordered a succulent arrangement for my mother for Mother's Day. I reviews not normally one to complain but spoiling two special days for me was enough!!! Well, at this point I was livid!

Ordering Flowers: How Services Compare

I told her to have them call my cell number and on May 8th I received a call from a Special Program Associate on my home number. If the flowers or plants die before that time, consumers receive a refund. I work overseas and always send flowers home and like the way the flowers arrived from ProFlowers before. I placed an order and they sent the wrong flowers. Consumer Reviews

Customer service did not see the issue and felt this was nothing more than an inconvenience. They told me that I was sent an email about it and to go to my order and update my order. This week I placed 3 orders, paid extra to deliver by today, Friday May 6, The giant vase that is sent with the smallest, most frail bouquet of over proved flowers is almost intentionally perfected to cause disappointment and the sad "I'm sorry" looks from various relatives whom also get the pleasure of viewing my Mother Days bouquet sent to me lovingly via FedEx. Then they replaced that order with an inferior one. I received 3 emails from them all stating the same thing. Order was guaranteed for Valentine's Day. Not the dozen of red roses I ordered.

I ordered my flowers several days in advance to allow time and not have to reviews any up charges for a quick delivery and so forth, my order orange blossom water recipe expected reviews be delivered today, they reviews flowers to be delivered on the persons actual birthday, when the tracking was not updated, I called Customer service and they could not reviews me any answers, they would not make an attempt reviews contact UPS to get a status, all that was offered was a refund on my delivery charge and an offer to send a new order by Thursday. The flowers were located the next afternoon, deader than a door nail, because they had frozen on dock. Tuesday, May 15, I receive the email from ProFlowers that mothers flowers have been delivered. They did not offer to replace it or anything else so I am done with ProFlowers I didn't tell my nephew because I didn't want to embarrass them. I called to change the delivery of one and she was impossible to understand and could not comprehend the conversation. I think the reviews are running a scam because it should have been obvious that 6 reviews orders of the same flowers to reviews same address was a mistake in their system. I ordered flowers for my wife birthday 12 days in advance. I have to agree with everyone else re: It looks like a child arranged it!

I will definitely use them again. Overall quality is poor despite the low price.

When ordering flowers from this company, the screen only showed the delivery information to confirm. I ordered a deluxe lily arrangement to be delivered to my girlfriend on her graduation day. I am very disappointed in this company. You're going to have to call to see if the recipient even received them. Spa Getaway Basket Review

I definitely will he ordering from them this Christmas. So today I stumbled across this site which listed page after page of complaints for the same reason I lodged mine and decided to once again to respond to the original May 8th email from the Special Program Associate, this time I CC'd another associate whose email address I discovered at the bottom of reviews original email. UPS states that her reviews is invalid.


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