How to Repot Houseplants


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INDOOR PLANTS // How To Repot Plants

I combine African violet potting mix and perlite for my violets. If the roots are tightly coiled, use your fingers or a sharp knife to loosen or gently slice them so they can spread out, trimming away any really long ends. Answer this question Flag as I have repotted my peace Lilly.

How to Repot Container Plants

The issue is root rot — when roots become damaged from over-watering, they turn dark brown or black. Put a few inches of soil in the new pot. It makes sense that doing a little homework can help you know the best way to care for your greens in order to keep them healthy. Any soil suggestions would be appreciated or a mixture of ingredients. There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. There are two regular sized cuttings and one baby that grew from the stem of the big cutting the baby has sprouted 3 leafs and one baby coming in. If not, knock the edge of the pot against a sturdy surface, such as a potting bench, still holding the pot with both hands. Jesse May 23, Hey Steph, It really depends on your plant.

However, plants can usually handle repotting whenever the situation warrants it. Generally, repot plants probably want to avoid using rocks or pebbles in your pots when you replant. Using a pot hanging succulent has no drainage mechanisms is not recommended. I love your photos. What can we help you with. Please observe that the new, larger pot should repot plants be a few centimetres larger than the old pot. Often a plant simply looks top-heavy or repot plants if it might burst repot plants of its pot. Any soil suggestions would be appreciated or a mixture of ingredients. Trim off the bottom of the root ball and make some vertical cuts up the sides. Dawn April 14, What is the best way to repot a Coleus so that the leaves grow along the long stems?

Then separate the different plants. I learned a lot, including things I'd forgotten. Not Helpful 4 Helpful

Repotting your pot plants

Grow Houseplants in Low Light. A good way to reinvigorate a rootbound plant is to repot it. Fast-growing tropicals are going to require repotting much more often than most cacti, for instance.

Repotting Plants the Right Way

The best pots are earthenware ones with a hole in repot plants bottom and a matching saucer which is only minimally larger than the pot. SB Repot plants Brewer Apr 23, Log In Sign Up. Another reason to free plants from being root bound is to promote new growth.


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