Best Flowering Shrubs for Hedges


An above average heat tolerance and great disease resistance, especially flowers grow on bushes powdery mildew, makes this a great choice for any garden. Northern gardeners should choose one of the cold-hardy selections, such as Meadowlark, which provides reliable bloom flowers grow on bushes after sub-zero winters. Cinquefoil is also one of the easiest shrubs to grow, featuring good drought tolerance, excellent winter hardiness, and little need for aggressive pruning. The trumpet-shaped flowers are a favorite of bees and hummingbirds, and often continue to bloom in scattered fashion from mid to late summer. Cotinus coggygria Growing Conditions:

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Prefers well drained soil and is drought tolerant once established. Prune after blooming, if needed, to remove damaged and older branches. It is deer- and drought resistant and attracts butterflies.

The 13 Best Summer-Blooming Shrubs

Check out 23 of our top picks for flowering shrubs you can use in place of basic green hedges. There's a good reason spirea is a common sight in city plantings, at restaurants and even gas stations: It is noted for its fragrant white flowers in spring, quality dark green foliage, black fruit in fall and purple fall color. Look for cultivars, such as 'Ruby Spice', that offer an extra-long bloom season. Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Moderate grower to 5 to 6 ft. Site Designed and Maintained by. Best in full sun. Vigorous, climbing vine, clings to surfaces by aerial rootlets.

An improved 'Crimson Pygmy' with vivid, dark red, colorfast foliage, excellent for adding low-maintenance color to the landscape from spring to fall. Check out some of our favorites! In warmer regions, plant them where they will receive afternoon shade. Acid loving likes sun to light shade. Lilacs bloom on old wood, so prune in spring immediately after flowering flowers grow on bushes maintain the desired height and shape of your shrub. Moderate flowers grow on bushes to 12 ft. The most popular varieties of weigela are 'Wine and Roses' weigela and 'Spilled Wine' weigela. Can also be used as a specimen plant or pruned to create a single-trunked, small tree.

One of the most charming plants for spring-to-fall beauty, it's foliage opens warm red, then deepens to a rich purple in summer and finally burnishes golden-orange in fall! Zones Learn more about fothergilla.

Best Flowering Shrubs for Season-Long Color

Buds emerge a deep burgundy and open to a vibrant dark pink with leopard spots. The dainty stature, up to 4 feet, fits well into most gardens, but keep an eye on its spreading habit. It's one of the few shrubs that bloom well in shade, although it also will grow in full sun in the north, provided it has adequate moisture.

How To Grow Flower Plants At Home

Fothergilla gardenii Growing Conditions: Graceful branching makes a wonderful hedge, barrier planting or single accent. A dwarf, spreading lilac on a standard to create a small tree.


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