Growing Herbs in Texas: Growing Lavender in Texas


Login Forgot your password? Its alluring fragrance, its charming growth habit, its irresistible blue flowers, and most of all, its silvery gray foliage are all reasons to love this plant. Soil should be well worked with a Ph of 6.

Southern Hills Lavender - Making It Grow

Always water around the base of the plant not through the leaves. If you love lavender, don't despair, no matter where you live in Texas—there is a lavender that you can grow! Pruning Trim plants back lightly just after blooming. Spanish lavender is not hardy in the North Texas area and should be treated as an annual. If you find 'Provence' and 'Sweet' side by side at a local nursery, do yourself a favor and choose 'Sweet'.

Take the lavender challenge

Sit in on dozens of practical workshops from the leading authorities on natural health, organic gardening, real food and more! What a wonderful article Kathleen Halloran wrote! One thing I have learned about growing lavender in southern Texas is that a good gravel mulch goes a long way to helping your plants along. Good to find your blog again, and I agree on lavenders. French lavender Lavandula x intermedia grows slightly larger than English lavender and has a generally more compact flower head. If you find 'Provence' and 'Sweet' side by side at a local nursery, do yourself a favor and choose 'Sweet'. We also cover harvesting, drying, pricing and marketing. Lavender is native to the rocky, dry hillsides of Syria.

Also, there are numerous lavender growers in the Texas area who are both commercial and recreational. Newer Post Older Post Home. Good luck with all of yours! If you want some inspiration, get this book! So, if you MUST attempt this insane gardening challenge, here are some vital facts. Containers are also good for gardeners wanting to grow lavenders not well-suited to their climate. Amazon used books is your best bet. Login to Comment or create an account Email. Grow lavender in texas smaller Sweet Lavender is grow lavender in texas to the left and will take over rwby rose Queen of the Lavender next year. Fertilizing A light feeding of a well balanced fertilizer the first year is helpful to get the plant off to a good start.

Water regularly for the first year, especially during the summer heat twice a week to every other day, depending on weather. Delivering water overhead wets the leaves and their fine, fuzzy texture holds moisture, inviting fungus to grow and destroy your lavender. Growing Herbs in Texas:

Growing Lavender Successfully in Texas

If necessary, add a tablespoon of lime to bring the alkalinity to the proper level Ph 6. Water the ground without wetting the leaves. Pruning Trim plants back lightly just after blooming.

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm, Texas

Water at the base of the plant and leave the foliage dry whenever possible. What works along the Gulf Coast may not survive in the Dallas area. Plant away from sprinkler systems that water regularly.


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