Hawaiian Flower, Lei and Orchid Care


Prepare your vase with cool, clean water. After your order is placed, our flowers are cut fresh, sorted, and sewn or strung into leis. Do not mist vine maileti leaf how to make leis kukui leis. We can not ship these leis as we will not be able to guarantee their quality.

Making Hawaiian Leis : How to Make a Flower Lei

Our talented local lei makers have been making leis for up to 30 years. Gingers, anthuriums, orchids, bird of paradise and heliconia can be submerged in clean, lukewarm water for ten minutes. For protea baskets, open right away and add water to the container. Flower leis mist lightly with clean lukewarm water.

The pretty part are actually not flowers but bracts. Hold the heads under water. Now take the outer edge and fold it back into the center, so you have a double layer of cling wrap around the candy. Dunking in water for ten to thirty minutes every few days will extend freshness. Never mist in direct sunlight as the water can magnify the light and burn the leaves. Want to let your camper know they are loved? Place your orchid lei or vine lei in a plastic bag such as a grocery bag. Place little clusters of candies an inch apart down the center of the cling wrap. Ginger Care Trimming leaves make them last longer. You will also need cling wrap and curling ribbon.

Take the far edge of the cling wrap and fold it in half so that the candy is encased in the middle of the cling wrap. Make sure you also tie the ends tightly. For the longest life and freshest appearance of your corsage, unpack fresh corsage immediately upon arrival Spray or mist the orchids with lukewarm water. Candy leis and flower shops in lexington ky garlands make awesome party how to make leis and decorations for summer picnics, pool parties, barbecues, and graduation parties. You can also leave it untied and make a candy garland to string across walls or tables. Commercial leaf shine products are OK for ti leaves, hala and monstera. If it seems a little dry, mist lightly with lukewarm how to make leis. Keep this with the plant to know exactly how to make leis orchid you have. Open the box right away and remove the items. Ti leaf leis are traditionally thought to bring good luck.

Same for corsages and loose orchid blooms. About Vine and Leaf Leis Maile vine leis are a traditional lei for weddings and other ceremonies where there is a right of passage or someone is to be honored. Protea will dry naturally over time and most can be kept as dried flowers.

It is natural for the lower leaves on each cane to wilt and drop as your orchid grows. Along with necessities like sunscreen, snacks, and cold drinks, consider adding candy leis to the list of must-haves at your next big bash. Display your Hawaiian flowers out of drafts, direct sunlight and severe temperature swings.

Crafting a Paper Flower Lei

At this point I like to pinch between the candy how to make leis to seal the cling wrap together. So they were picked several days before the lei was made. You may notice that all of the flower leis on our web site are fresh orchid leis. For protea baskets, open right away and add water to the container.


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