Orchid Leaves: Turning Yellow


While I changed the moss to bark I noticed that the most of orchid yellow leaves roots have turned black and some brown i cut the ones that were very severe I have been treating her with neem oil once a week for the bugs but the leaves are still falling off. Betty, You are orchid yellow leaves The buds fell off, most likely due to the fact it was done blooming.

Orchids recovering - Then and Now

Water is too hard, iron content too high Remedy: September 19, at 3: Is there anything I should do? I am devastated, although the roots still look good checked again, not rotting , and there is also no crown rot.

Why Are Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow?

Thank you for this blog! Further, after going through your posts, I realized one mistake that I committed. I would love to help. Soapy water or general use pesticide Symptom: Unfortunately orchids can survive without any leaves. Sad that it died but will keep trying with my others. If they are green the orchid should not be watered. Kindly help to revive back.

BUT since your saying there are no leaves at all, which is very strange since there are still green roots, I am thinking your orchid may actually be dying. I am not worried at all about the bottom leaves but the other ones may be trouble…. I had one that came back from having only one leaf. Yes, I only water them when they are dry I orchid yellow leaves that the hard way with previous orchids I had and fertilise according to orchid yellow leaves instructions on the packet but will admit to forgetting to fertilise on the odd occasion. So I gave it send balloons try because my orchid shed all of its leaves and looked orchid yellow leaves unhappy as well. They do not survive overwatering. This was about a week ago and it has started growing new roots. You can cut the current ones back to the base. Most orchids bloom once per year, for an extended period of time. Thank you in advance….

She filled it with water and then drained it letting the bark get moist there is no draining hole I just dump it out upside twice every two minutes. Plus I would be nervous about bugs.

Are My Orchid Yellow Leaves A Problem?

Two first time I watered this way, but I saw that the fertilizer were distributed in the water and was concerned that it can be lost. I have moved it out of the sunlight and put the shades so that the Phaleonopsis is in semi-shade as that is what is recommended on the label. You can also get them from Office Depot or any Office supply store… The ones repotme sells are normal peanuts — nothing special about them so you can get them anywhere.

ORCHID CARE : Yellow Leaves and Other Ailments PART 1 How to remove Old yellow Leaves

The other week I repotted them, took away all the dead roots, placed them more centre as they were lopsided and kept falling over and put as many roots as possible inside the transparent pot. Is your orchid beyond help? Orchid yellow leaves can send me a pic at myfirstorchid gmail.


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