Paper Mario - Walkthrough


Head back to the fork, and right to Koopa Bros. Play the record in time with the music, which basically is paper mario flower fields classic Mario song. Hit the switch, and head across the rectangular block that comes out. Unlike most Goombas, this troublesome duo has higher HP than usual Goombas.

Paper Mario 64 Game Playthrough Part 96 (Flower Fields Part 7-Lakilester Joins Mario)

Whenever you inflict damage on him, he will shed Tuff Puffs. Apparently, he is the most powerful and useful spirit, so try and work really hard in the upcoming mission. Use Parakarry's ability to get back, then head to where Mario landed on the shelves in this room. And if you didn't beat Buzzar before, here's the guide again. If only Peach had a teleporter to escape from Bowser, but that would end the series.

Flower Fields

This is another short minigame of Paper Mario, so I hope that you have fun. Hidden floor panel in living room Hidden floor panel in room with grandfather clock Hidden floor panel in room where you get the record for the record player Enemies: Got back into doing walkthrough, and finished Chapter 5. Using a mushroom will fade after a while. As the other 6 Spirits appear, they talk about how Bowser's selfish wishes were ignored, and how he stole the Star Rod for that very reason. Apparently, she'll wilt away if somebody doesn't return the Water Stone to her. Once on the third floor, enter any of the two mansion doors, into a room with a strange blue scenery. Which brings you to the Block Puzzle.

Wise Wisterwoodthe eldest tree in the fields and most likely paper mario flower fields elder of the fieldsserves as the portal to Toad Town. Next small daisy like flower Chet Rippo, is a way more sophisticated shop, Harry's Shop. Open it, and it reveals a Super Hammer! Rugged, but they shouldn't present too much of a problem. Once you talk to him, he says that he has lost 3 letters around Mt. Give the well a blue berry and it will give you a badge -happy gaming User Info: To get past the gate, give the flower a Yellow Berry. Head down the stairs, and for paper mario flower fields doing a re-run while reading my walkthrough, would know the secret about the wall.

Bow tells some Boo's that where being all invisible and hidden to open the gate, so you can enter. How do I solve the blocks puzzle in flower flieds? Head behind it to find Honey Syrup.

Gate Flower

Block Sleepy Sheep in? See a description of Kooper in Section A. After the Toad stops telling Mario what to do, head into the area to the east, and Save in this area. Once you go in to try and grab it, the Koopa forgot to mention, that there's a backdoor.

Paper Mario: Part 33 - Flower Field!

After that, head right and read the signpost, with writing spelling out "Goomba King's Fortress Ahead," which is clearly our next des- tination point. Sometimes, the paper mario flower fields can be quite small, or the needle big, so it paper mario flower fields fit. I call them the Mario and Luigi evolution, but then it ruins the hilariousness of the weird and a bit too big Goombas. Avoid column 6, 1 down, for its Pokey Tower madness there.


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