The Beloved Hoyas: Care And Repotting Tips


I could not wax plant flower activated charcoal and was told in the fish supply department of a pet store that activated carbon is used instead so I put that in the bottom of my succulent planters. This is the classic wax plant from your childhood. As a wax plant flower ditch effort, you could dramatically prune the plant back. This Hoya species prefers bright light, but will tolerate much less. Regarding hanging, these plants naturally do wrap around supports when provided, but it should be just as happy having its vines hang free.

Wax Plant Flowers

This one came from a babushka in St. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hoya carnosa. Thanks for your time and love your Insta account Rose Reply. Or maybe an infestation of some kind? Keep us posted if you keep getting blooms all summer!

Hoya Plant: How To Care For The Wax Plant

Sonja January 21, I have a similar problem, the tendrils are brown and the new leaves keep dropping and some leaves are dying with big patches where the green is disappearing as if the life is being sucked out. The faded flowers can be snipped off with sharp scissors just below the flower. Fertilize using a liquid balanced food , about every four weeks, three or four times during the growing season will produce a vigorous growth. Not exactly though as the leaves are a bit more heart shaped and just green. Get tips for growing Christmas cactus, pruning, repotting and more. So their do not get full sun , Can I turn them after buds have formed as their all growing towards the light? Be Crosina July 19, I have had one Hoya for over 40 years and many many more that I have started and given to friends. They definitely sound like flower buds to me.

Was given mine carnosa over 25 years ago. Jesse July 7, Hey Wax plant flower, sounds like a great specimen! I think it should be fine to re-pot while flowering, though the flowering may have actually wax plant flower triggered by the root-bound pot. Thanks for your advise Reply. Less is more when it comes to watering; we like to wait until the leaves pucker slightly. I have a puppy that tries to eat everything. I recently bought a hoya carnosa I believe. How I Trained My Hoya. But, Hoya plants need a break. When I repotted it, I separated some parts and placed them in the soil as their own plant to propagate from.

Bev Stellges July 2, I have had my Hoya for over 40 years. Does the plant have to be a certain age before it will flower? Jesse April 24, Wow wonderful story.

In the summer it constantly is blooming. Cathy Stone June 29, I bought my hoya carnosa 42 years ago as a tiny 4 or 5 leaf plant when my husband and I were about to marry. As far as fertilizer goes, we recommend a balanced indoor plant fertilizer. My question is the Hoya toxic?


Take care not to over feed and always wax plant flower a bit more than recommended on the package. It is now two HUGE plants that are blooming and trailing everywhere! If you do find a hoya dying from a nematode infection, you can salvage leaf and stem cuttings to start new plants.


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