How to Remove the Seeds to Germinate a Calla Lily


Share This Page Tweet. A good temperature range for dormant calla lilies is between 60 and 75 F Good to know they can remain in a pot but I can put them in the calla lilies seed pods also. You'll notice as the cone matures, it's increasing weight will naturally bend the stem until the cone is resting on the ground. If they are developing, and you'll be calla lilies seed pods to tell, as they grow larger and plumper, and the whole stamen will begin to resemble a small cone, or pineapple shape.

Ep. 337 Growing Calla Lilies from Seed

That's where we offer exclusive and affordable e-books to our subscribers via our downloads. The stems of these plants had rotted off, so the seed pods were separated anyway I didn't cut them off! When you join our newsletter, you get them all, no strings attached.

Can I Plant the Seed Pods from Calla Lilies That Have Already Bloomed?

Calla lilies are native to South Africa and are tropical plants, so while you can keep them outdoors in the summer, you must take steps to prepare them properly for winter in cooler climates. I never knew you could harvest seeds from callas, I thought their only means of multiplying was under the ground by the tubers. The plants died back and the bulbs were rotten. Dry the bulb overnight. This species can be added to water garden settings. Somewhere that gets partial shade is ideal, or an area that gets filtered or indirect light. I was both thrilled and a little sad when I read this post of yours as all of my callas are done blooming for the season and I had already removed all of the blooms. At this point, the cone is mature, and each one of those "kernels" contains at least one or two seeds, and up to four or five seeds, each resembling a miniature tuber, about 2 mm in size. Although most people prefer to propagate their calla lilies by simply separating the bulbs, also known as rhizomes, it is fully doable to use seeds. This moisture-loving plant grows well in shallow water or in loamy soil in part shade to full sun.

Calla lilies grow 2 to 3 feet tall in clumps. Add modern burlap little extra water immediately after planting to help settle the soil around the bulb. They are best grown in well-drained situations like in a flower bed with perennials and annuals or calla lilies seed pods a container. References 3 National Gardening Association: I have found they germinate best if the pulpy substance is totally removed from the seeds before planting. The most common one is Zantedeschia calla lilies seed pods, which is very moisture tolerant and can tolerate soggy soils. Cut the cone from the flower stalk. Thank you so much for sharing your knowlege with us all!

Keep an eye on it, and you'll see the kernels begin to turn yellow and become mushy to the touch. The seeds require a three-month dormancy period, so it's best to sow fall-collected seeds in spring to ensure best germination rates. Preplant There are a lot of reasons not to plant the seed straight out in the garden among birds and mice, there are a lot of dangers still out there for a little seed so the best thing is to preplant it in a small pot so it can grow strong and healthy in peace.

What to do with Calla Lily seeds?

Outdoor plants require one to two inches of water a week so the soil doesn't dry out completely. These can be recognized by different flower colors other than white and spotted leaves. However, the leaves and flowers will burn in full sunlight.


Feed the plant monthly. Calla Lily Guide by Sitealicious Inc. I should continue to have good luck as I seem to be doing everything right! Home Guides SF Gate.


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