A Houseplant That Grows In Water: Lucky Bamboo Care Tips


Why are my leaves turning yellow but the canes are still green. Thank you so much for the post Nell! I have 2 Lucky Bamboo plants in drinking glasses care of bamboo plants my table on my verandah in Thailand. Thailand would be very well suited for growing LB, as you well know. I've loved these plants I see around in my community's Chinese shops and am going to buy one.

How To Revive a Dying Bamboo Plant

That may be because the water is not fresh. I've had both cats and my Lucky Bamboos for years, and so far so good. Also, barrier of 60 mil thickness by 30 inch deep, HDPE high density polyethylene can be used for rhizome control. As they grow you will add more wire to keep them stable as they intertwine.

How to Care for Bamboo Plants

You can use a clear container, if you'd like, to show off a Lucky Bamboo planted in pebbles and water. In the spring there is considerable yellowing of the leaves, followed by leaf drop. How to Take Care of Lucky Bamboo. It has always been very healthy looking and grows well, and I water them every now and again with bottled water. I never knew it could grow this tall. Moore Jul 10, Could you please answer my question. Clumping Bamboo grow in the same manner but the canes are much smaller and only spread a couple inches out from the base of the plant each season. Not sure if I remember correctly that it is a no-no. Lack of sufficient water especially during hot or windy weather is the leading cause of failure or poor growth of new bamboo plants.

BM Barb Miller Jun 17, They should loose their leaves gradually as they are replaced by fresh new ones. My question is just to verify because you have mentioned this, too much water. Place the shoot in a bowl of clean, distilled water. It is simply put lyrics to supermarket flowers I obtained a clear vision of how to care of bamboo plants. Only add fertilizer once every two months if it all. When your plant naturally sheds leaves, allow the leaves to stay underneath the shoots. Is there anything I can do to keep it alive? While it's not a true bamboo, lucky bamboo looks like one and is an easy-to-care-for indoor houseplant. Care of bamboo plants out I may have bought an unhealthy plant.

Hi Zita Your tap water may be just fine. Thank you so much, now I can place it in the right room.

Luckily I saw your tips and quickly retrieve it. You may need to rotate your plant so it gets light evenly on all sides. They have VERY rocky soil as well, so this job was particularly difficult.

Lucky Bamboo Caring Tips

One of my favourites is Aloe Vera. It was a question on repotting. If looking ragged, they can be clear-cut at the end of the winter before the onset of new growth using a mower care of bamboo plants shears. Thank you so much.


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