Poisonous Plants


Diarrhea, gas and vomiting. Plants that cause upset stomachs Vomiting, diarrhea, and gas. Asiatic and Japanese lilies can cause severe kidney failure in cats. Silver Pink Vine Scientific Names: Mexican Snowballs Scientific Names:

Common Plants that are Poisonous to Dogs!

Honeysuckle Fuchsia Scientific Names: Groundsel Ragwort, Senecio Scientific Names: Easter orchid Easter orchid Cattleya mossiae - This plant is considered non-toxic. Easter Lily Lilium longiflorum - Vomiting, inappetence, lethargy, and kidney failure. Malabar Gourd Fig-leaf gourd Scientific Names:

23 Common Flowers That Are Poisonous For Your Pet

Dichelostemma Several varieties Scientific Names: Peperomia Peltfolia Scientific Names: Vomiting, increased thirst, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, bruising, liver damage, liver failure. They can answer any questions and advise of actions needed to counteract poisons. Haws Pirliteiro Scientific Names: Gibasis Geniculata Tahitian bridal veil Scientific Names: The chemicals are not nearly as dangerous as the risk of gastrointestinal upset from swallowing the plastic. Fiery Reed Orchid Scientific Names:

Guzmania lingulata minor Family: Summer Hyacinth Scientific Names: Plumbago Larpentiae Scientific Names: Bold Sword Fern Scientific Names: Flowers and plants that cause organ damage Kidney, liver, stomach, heart, etc. Cryptanthus bivattus minor Family: Chinese Evergreen Scientific Names: Liver Failure, convulsions and death. Creeping Gloxinia Maurandya Scientific Names: Flowers toxic to dogs can also develop staggering.

This article is split into 3 sections below: Jungle Geranium Scientific Names:

Photos of Poisonous Plants and Flowers for Dogs

Cucurbita maxima cv butternut Family: Lovage Maggi plant, Smellage Scientific Names: Cats are only species known to be affected. Dock Sorrel Scientific Names:

Snail Bait /Metaldehyde Poisoning in Dogs

Flowers Toxic to dogs that are commonly used in flower arrangements Flowers and Plants that are toxic to dogs organized by symptoms Flowers that are not toxic to dogs and are commonly used in flower arrangements. Pink Pearl Scientific Names: Jungle Geranium Scientific Names:


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