Growing Snake Plants


Your article mentions a mix of succulent and regular potting mix works best. How to care for a snake plant a matter of fact I have quite a bit over 4 ft tall. My snake plant would have died if I didn't see the tips. The snake plants tend to grow slowly, but the plant stalks are usually the same height when fully grown. Did this article help you?

Care And Maintenance Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

My plant has dark mushy spots on it leaves. AS Angie Southards May 27, A great balanced fertilizer is Flora-Nova Grow NPK is this prevents over fertilizing and provides the plant with a majority of micro and macro nutrients.

Sansevieria AKA Snake Plant: How to Care for this Diehard Houseplant

SH Sima Hamed Nov 16, It could still be alive 40 years later …! Hi Carole — It depends on what level of light you have it in. Hi Michele — Yes, root rot can certainly be caused by a mix which is too heavy. Thank you for the very informative and clear video. Can these be removed and planted separately? Seriously, this thing has been in my family with its own little babies for almost 40 years. I have had to remove a few leaves…I have a fan blowing on the soil to try and dry it out…I will be heart broken if I lose it…. I felt I was over-watering, but maybe it wasn't happy with the light. Plant is so huge I can't lift it.

It also stoppen the new sprout from growing. OB Orial Best May 28, I have one that was propagated from one my mom had since before I was born. Not Helpful 9 Helpful A couple of sources say they can kill them, but for that, I imagine your pet would have to ingest quite a bit. The tips for knowing it's producing more oxygen when in bloom are very helpful. Bird nest varieties can have some pink color to them. I have a few in pots outdoors and we get very hot in the summer and cool how to care for a snake plant the winter.

If you prefer fertilizing, then an organic all-purpose houseplant food would be fine. A Anonymous Apr 13,

These types of little plants can usually be planted separately. You can them propagate that leaf. Add soil to pot when it settles after transplanting.

How to Take Care of a Snake - Indoor Plants That Clean Air - Sansevieria Plant (Urdu/hindi)

Water very little in winter or in a cool air-conditioned room. TU Twila Usrey Apr 5, I'm going to try to cut the rot off and replant.


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