'Horizon Zero Dawn' Metal Flower Locations: How to find all 30 metal flowers


Metal flower down the canyon and eliminate all machines. Specifically, she suggests the possibility that their creator is a now-autonomous sub-routine whose purview is flora. You can find one Sawtooth nearby.

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Gosunoob Mark 1 Locations Mark 1A: The quickest way to get to the flower is to use the ropes near Rost's house. Go to the region that you once explored during The War-Chief's Trail quest. You'll find this flower by a campfire next to it, which is useful if you end up dying because of all the Glinthawks, bandits and Sawtooth swarming around.

Metal Flowers

Animal Figurines Pigments Text datapoints - World. Far to the North, even North of Pitchcliff. This chapter is dedicated to one of the collectibles that can be found in Horizon Zero Dawn. Also, there are groups of bandits. Tired of them yet? This seems to suggest a connection between the Metal Flowers and GAIA, although the exact nature of this connection is unclear. If you're careful you can sneak past the Longleg. These instructions are based on the maps you can purchase in-game to find exactly where the flowers are. Head all the way to the top of the tall cliffs here. There's a waypoint near the flower, so stay safe, grab the flower, and then get out.

The marker is very precise in pointing the flower's location. You can access it by following a gentle path. Metal Flowers Unlock Last Edited: See this flower to the left of the center of the metal flower on the map. Do you like this video? Metal flower can be seen scattered throughout the wilderness, each surrounded by a distinctive triangle of flowers. Should 4-year-olds be taught consent at school? The Metal Flower is just metal flower short swim away. The flower is in the center of Bellowbacks' nest. Gosunoob Mark 1 Locations Mark 1A:

Metal Flowers can be traded in sets of 10 to the Carja merchant Kudiv , in exchange for special Treasure Boxes. South of the village, there will be a dense collection of trees.

Use the airplane's wreckage, presented on the picture, as an orientation point. The flower can be seen on the hill behind them. Far to the North-East of Daytowere, on the other side of the mountain, you will find a river with Snapmaws in it.

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Far to the North, metal flower North of Pitchcliff. In the mountains North of Sunfall. In the area you can find a few machines but the shouldn't be a problem during your searches.


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