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If you shake with sugar it gives cream. Potato is needed for Sunflower bdo to feed your workers and later on when you are making Milk Tea you sunflower bdo need flour which can be made from potato. This is a personal setup, yours may vary:. This area had plenty of Pure Copper Ore.

8,000 Mass Spam Trade Crates in 24 hours to 25,000 ! one city Black Desert Online BDO

You will need to place the following in your Cooking Utensil. Chopping logs for an hour isn't fun especially if I just grind for that amount of time I might could make some of that. Mossy Rock — These rocks tend to drop tin ore and crude stones.

BDO Special Seeds & the House Decor Items You can Grow!

I know this is going to sound weird and it is but… If you are having problems getting the mini milking game done try turning your game video settings down to low on both settings. Want to find gamer girls? If you are unsure how to get your farm up and running I recommend reading this guide. Sunflower Crate Guide Pt 1: I keep reading that grinding yields the best silver returns, which I'm doing already, but automating workers to collect resources is such an easy afk task that I want to capitalize on that a bit as a supplement. You will need to place the following in your cooking utensil. It is a good way to get some extra milk on the side. And there is a mystic smell of toilet nearby… nah, must be another game. As well as all of the items in this guide, you can collect other items from markets, bags and boxes placed around the map. All rights reserved GHQ theme.

We would also like to give a huge thank you to Ashelin for previously hosting the sunflower bdo, our guide contributors, and Luis for everything he has done. Zone99 By DzinerStudio Page created in 0. Thanks for the guide!!! Beginner gathering tools sunflower bdo be bought from a materials merchant. You want to hold down the corresponding mouse button when a udder appears but stop immediately when the udder turns red. These are produced when cooking as one of the five possible byproducts. From what I know about sunflowers, it's supposed to be more profitable than calpheon crates, but sunflower bdo a bit more attention. I've never tired Sunflower Crates, but Kitt has. About how much time per day do you have to spend keeping that going?

It costs 43k silver so it is much more expensive than crafting it. This area had plenty of Pure Copper Ore.

Black Desert Making Milk Tea and Sute Tea Guide

When I am in game I want to be killing stuff. I'm nearly done with the mats for my fishing boat, and then I can set a lowbie to afk fish overnight. Now knowing this little trick, I never fail this mini game! Click here to view our list of cooking recipes.

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This area had plenty of Pure Copper Ore. The hoe tool is used for harvesting plants, collecting herbs and seeds. Cooking Honey can be obtained sunflower bdo the resource node in Alejandro Farm west of Heidel.


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