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I don't think [forums] represent the metal scene; being angry on a black dahlia merch board means to me that you're not going outside, you're not going to shows. Do you and the band feel under more pressure to be more vocal about political issues now, though? I can't imagine black dahlia merch there are any questions you haven't been asked at this point!

The Black Dahlia Murder Deflorate Vinyl Unboxing

So Alan, our drummer, is at the practice space all the time. Since around Nocturnal , the third record, that was a big jump for us in terms of a lot of things; we got on Summer Slaughter when it was brand new, and huge, we were at the top of Vader , Katakylsm , Psycroptic , just a whole crop of death metal bands, and that was so exciting for us. I was already doing it anyway, but the more people I can affect with this thing, its rejuvenating the scene, it's keeping this alive. We've straddled a lot of different lines.

The Black Dahlia Murder

It existed before, about strong, but we started advertising it, and I consider the heads of it to be the biggest fans we have; they have these insane collections of our merch, they follow us to shows like the Grateful Dead when they can, sometimes fifteen in a row! I try to not only push ourselves, but to be an advocate for the underground, championing bands, because I feel like I have to - I love it so much, and that's how it works. I love looking internationally, at third world scenes people don't normally touch, bands with broken English - if that's your problem with it, you're being too guarded, open your mind. I remember not even dreaming, like 'How could you have a band where the members live across the nation? The Obituarist , Strnad's underground metal column for Metal Injection, is chugging right along, racking up about 10, views per article which Strnad is rightfully delighted about - " That's insane for some of these demo-level bands! Coming into the internet era, and acknowledging how music became disposable to people, compared to the collector's era, and when that door opened, everyone had too much of a good thing, like a kid with ketchup, just piling it on - you realize how oversaturated things are, especially now that you can make things at home with ProTools. We've respected whatever people have called us, and tried to appeal to all of the different kinds of fans that we have, by straddling different lines and doing different kinds of tours; we've toured with Terror, we've toured with deathcore acts, we've toured with death metal bands. Someone has to; people have to give back for it to survive. How do you feel about doing all these interviews and press stuff around the new album?

It's definitely helped my personality to be able to take that abuse in stride and shrug it off, like 'Who cares? We did these DVDs where you flower shops in lake charles who we are, we showed you our personality, and that became a double-edged sword when the members left, because black dahlia merch [some fans] were like, 'It's more than just a band - that guy's got jokes! Well, to me, what I like about [death metal] is the gore, violence, macabre, and horror elements, and really, our most successful songs lyrically, that the fans have latched onto the most, are the most heinous ones - necrophilia, love that transcends death, that sort of thing. The black dahlia merch has a black dahlia merch responsibility black dahlia merch upkeep; it's Olympic to do what death metal drummers are doing. I saw a huge hole for so many bands I care black dahlia merch that weren't being spoken about online; brutal death in particular, I love and is on a really big upswing right now, the most popular it's ever been. It's too much time to think about reality. Metal was so inspiring and satisfying in a way that sports and other typical things just weren't. It kind of sucks to say I have that attitude, but like, I'm so fragile - I'm so sensitive, and I cannot think about all the horrible shit that's happening in the world.

So I try to do that in a different way; I try to talk about the psychology of the character and their motives, and make you feel for the character, but I love the classic stuff. I love that vibe, I love that aspect of it.

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The Trump era - I cannot even acknowledge it. Don't you want to not worry anymore? Where do you find these bands? When I'm at home, I'm back to being that alien guy again, it's like a weird break to get put on.


And now your band has become a lot of other young people's Cannibal Corpse. I exude that, it comes out, and I see what a smile does, even at a death metal show; it goes a long way, man. I don't think black dahlia merch represent the metal scene; being angry on a message board means to me that black dahlia merch not going outside, you're not going to shows.


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