Pruning Lavender: A Step-By-Step Guide


Fixer Upper 2pm 1c. Am just a scared gardener beginner and love lavender. Pruning Shrubs Horticulturist Maureen Gilmer explains how to properly maintain shrubs.

How to prune Lavender plants with Van Meuwen

Try to make the cut as close to the new leaf buds as you can. Discover what you need to know for pruning lavender successfully. The description of these plants has been written based on numerous outside resources. If these rules are not respected, you might end up with a shabby, sprawling shrub.

Pruning Lavender for Beautiful Plants

Pruning once a year is great. When pruning your Lavender, never cut into the woody part of your Lavender. How and When to Prune Hollies Hollies easily tolerate pruning but not necessarily in deep winter. In botanical circles, lavender is known as a semi-shrub. Visit our plant combination ideas section to find the inspiration you are looking for. If you prune lavender too early, you could be cutting off the new growth before it starts, or worse you might end up over pruning the plant. Additionally, a woody plant is prone to cracking or rotting in winter. Always make sure there are green leaves left on your lavender when you are done pruning.

Compact and very hardy, Lavandula stoechas 'Anouk' features dark plum flower heads . Next up, learn exactly how to grow lavender in our detailed lavender plant care guide! Use this same technique how to prune lavender plants year as new growth starts to appear. There are many types and varieties of Lavender and finding the best Lavender plant for your needs might be a daunting task. Fixer Upper 10am 9c. If you want to grow more plants, be sure to keep some of your lavender cuttings from your summer pruning. The reason you want to wait until you see new leaves on the plant before trimming lavender in spring is because that way you will know exactly where to make your cuts. This how to prune lavender plants the plant to branch. This Mediterranean climate border is almost overwhelming in its profusion of colors, .

You can also subscribe without commenting. Love It or List It 12am 11c. Most mid-season blooming Lavenders belong to the Lavandula angustifolia English .

Cut back lavender just above the new leaves. As a matter of fact, pruning lavender plants correctly can help yield more flowers and a healthier, longer-lived plant. Measurement Unit Feet Meters. Rich in texture and interest, this fragrant garden border features a fresh color .

How do I prune Lavender

In botanical circles, lavender is known as a semi-shrub. If these rules are not respected, you might end up with a shabby, sprawling shrub. A semi-shrub is a plant that grows like a perennial, producing how to prune lavender plants growth each year. If all the green is gone, your Lavender will die.


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