Flowering Shrub List


Dwarf deciduous shrub with natural vase shape. Will continue to flower sporadically on the current season's growth. Spirea "Snowmound" Vanhoutte spirea also commonly called bridalwreath is a vase-shaped, deciduous shrub with branching that red flower bush gracefully toward the ground. Pruning generally not needed, but may be trimmed in spring. Peeling bark gives winter interest.

How to grow Royal Red Butterfly Bush (Fragrant Purple-Red Flower Clusters)

Moderate growth to 2 to 3 ft. Viburnum "Korean Spice" - Large clusters of spicy-scented, waxy pink flowers fade to white. And they bloom in a wide range of colors, from pink to purple, lavender, and white. Prune as needed immediately after flowering, however pruning off spent flowers will eliminate summer fruit display, which admittedly is not overly showy for this hybrid.

The 13 Best Summer-Blooming Shrubs

Blooms on old wood. Slightly hardier than others, but may die to ground in cold winter areas, emerging vigorously in spring. This new dwarf weigela has very attractive gold foliage and nice red fall color. This baby will cast a spell on you. Semi-Evergreen up to 10 feet tall. Full sun to part sun. This gem likes sun to partial shade. This is a slow growing plant and may need a year in the landscape before it grows noticeably.

Cotinus coggygria Growing Conditions: Prefers well drained soil but is adaptable to many soil types. Its tiered horizontal branches magnificently display the large, flat flower clusters. Prune as needed red flower bush flowering. Noted for its winter-blooming, sweetly fragrant, copper flowers. It produces red capsules from early to mid fall. Lilac "Dwarf Korean on Standard " A dwarf, spreading lilac on red flower bush standard to create a small tree. This floriferous white blooming variety is great for spring gardens. Foliage may turn burgundy red to purplish red in fall.

If pruned lightly after flowering another display of blooms will appear. Foliage turns a brilliant mahogany in fall. Possibly a good substitution for a Japanese Maple when pruned properly.

Great for small urban gardens. An undeniable asset to any garden, particularly where space is limited. White summer blooms add spring through fall interest. It is best to prune right after flowering ceases, but pruning is rarely needed.

Top 10 Flowering Shrubs

Full to part sun. These flowers have a powerful, spicy fragrance you can enjoy throughout the yard. Prefers moist loams, but tolerates a wide range of soils and has good drought tolerance.


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