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Also, each bride wears what they feel comfortable wearing. She was there with Harry Treadaway. June 24, at 5: Kudos to the photographer for truly capturing the joy in every moment! Maisie Rose leslie gif is so stinkin cute too!

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie at the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere

I love her veil and her floral headpiece too. Wow, they look really happy! Wardhill castle belongs to her family but is only used as a wedding venue.

rose leslie

You can see photos of the GoT fam here. Murray Abraham guest star. Okay, that makes sense. Was Sophie Turner going clubbing immediately after the wedding or something? That elie Saab dress, the flower crown, the veil, the happiness…it all worked. Too much lace makes a bride look like a doily, but this lace is really elegantly done. Supposedly Rose and Kit were on and off. A bit bizarre honestly. After going on line and looking everywhere there was no mention of the designer. Is she saying look what you rejected?

Sophia Grace is 15 and a rapper now. June 26, at 1: I keep coming back to look at these pictures. I love her dress rose leslie gif veil, and that she wore her red hair down. June 24, at 3: Okay, that makes sense. I love her veil and her floral headpiece too. Their chemistry on GOT was incredible and I was actually really happy when I found out they were together for real. She rose leslie gif looks lovely. Monday 15 notes via source.

The pic Bella linked is just so lovely. They look so happy.

Relevance Rose-leslie Gifs

She truly looks lovely. CDAN said guests made sure the other woman was never left alone with either the bride or groom or she would have spoken her mind. But I most envy her absolute joy.

Rose Leslie & Emilia Clarke's Friendship

Still saw some great fashions. Idk what she was thinking. There are rumors there was a love triangle on the show with Rose, Kit, and another woman after Rose left the show.


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