How to Take Care of a Tulip Plant in a Pot


Cut as close as possible to the ground. Leave most of the stem in place for about six weeks or until the foliage starts to yellow. Help answer questions Learn more. This article tulip care indoors co-authored by Maggie Moran.

Tulip After Care with Garden Answer

Place the tulips in an irregular shaped vase for twisted, conformed stems. Indoor potted tulip plants are like having a florist shop right in your own home or office with you as the designing florist. Use soap and warm water to wash it thoroughly, then dry it completely with a towel. Plant it in a sunny spot and water and fertilize it regularly. Not Helpful 5 Helpful

The Indoor Tulips

However, the most common tulip varieties are the easiest to force. Find out how to grow these easy indoor ferns as house plants. Not Helpful 7 Helpful I will purchase the next bouquet myself and treat them better. Also, be aware that zone maps vary. Buying Tip Buy the biggest and best tulip bulbs you can find from a reputable company. I will cut off the flowers and leave them for six weeks, and then cut them off even with the ground. Loosen the soil to ensure drainage or create a raised bed. Some taller types such as 'Apricot Beauty', 'Calgary', and 'Gudoshnik' are also good choices. When planted in late fall, tulip bulbs are hardy enough to withstand cold winter climates.

A balanced liquid fertilizer works well about tulip care indoors to four weeks after planting. Potted tulips don't require fertilization, because the bulb contains all the tulip care indoors the plants tulip care indoors for one flowering season. Keep the vase out of the sun. For climates different than that, you can artificially create these conditions by chilling the bulbs before replanting them. Tulips growers lavender products that tulips blooms based on the particular time of year they were planted. Some say these tricks work, but research shows that flower food is much more effective. Dig down in the soil 12 inches First, select bulbs suited for forcing indoors. I found this article helpful, as it is simple to understand and covers all aspects of cultivating tulips.

Answer this question Flag as Traditionally, tulips are planted outdoors in late fall or early spring to produce blooms. In warmer climates you will actually need to chill the bulbs before replanting them.

Growing Tulips Indoors

I live in the Caribbean. Forced tulips rarely flower again, even if planted in the garden. Not Helpful 7 Helpful 9. Tulips are heralds of spring.

Tulip After Care with Garden Answer

Can you please describe what tulip care indoors meant by "prick at the base of the bloom? Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. In warmer climates you will actually need to chill the bulbs before replanting them.


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